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Ironworkers Education & Training

Training Programs and course offerings

Training Programs and course offerings currently offered at our training center:

9 month pre-employment program which typically runs from September to June. This program is the only accredited Ironworker program currently in the province and follows the Provincial Plan of Training. The Ironworker Generalist Program offers the student both theory and practical exposure to all aspects of the Ironworker trade including structural erection and dismantling, reinforcing, post-tensioning, rigging, and cranes just to name a few. Individuals interested in applying for the program may do so by contacting our training center office.  Participants who are accepted into the program may be funded through HRDC, Provincial student loan or self-pay.

All successful students will be eligible to participate in their block training after accumulating the required amount of hours required for that level of training. Upon successful completion of all block level training the student is then eligible to write their certification exam or Red Seal.


  • Our training center offers a fully equipped, modern weld test facility. We offer certification in the following weld processes:
  • SMAW “S” Class 4 positions, flat (1G) horizontal (2G) vertical (3G) overhead (4G)
  • “T” Class HSS in 6G also in 6GR position with restrictor ring
  • FCAW 4 positions, flat(1G) horizontal (2G) vertical (3G) overhead (4G)
  • Stainless to mild steel using 309 electrode
  • Decking tickets

All SMAW processes using 7018 electrode except stainless.

The safety training that is offered at our facility includes:

  •  Fall protection
  •  Confined space
  •  WHMIS
  •  Construction worker safety
  •  Harassment
  •  CSTS version 9
  •  Intro to occupational health and safety
  •  Aerial lift training

Red Seal Program

At Ironworkers education and training Co. Inc., we also offer an 8 week refresher course that is funded through the Provincial government. The students are given the opportunity to overview all aspects of the Ironworker trade and to enhance their chances of being successful at their attempt at the Interprovincial Red Seal exam.

The benefits of holding a Red Seal are numerous including allowing mobility to the individual in their pursuit of employment. The Red Seal is a mark of and assures the employers that the employee is up to the standard set out in the trade.

Successful completion also enables the individual to take advantage of funding programs such as Post-journey training which covers the cost of training.

Direct entry for individuals who have been employed in the trade but have not yet accumulated the required 7200 hours for Red Seal Certification and are required by the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour to complete the technical (theory) training of the Ironworker program.

These individuals must complete all courses in their program and accumulate the required number of working hours in order to be considered eligible to write the Interprovincial “Red Seal” exam.

Trade Qualifier

An individual who has accumulated at least 7200 hours at the ironworking trade and has completed the required documentation from the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, such as the application to be examined as well as the mandatory skills sign off sheet.

Once approved by the Department of Education the individual may write the certification exam (Red Seal) and obtain their Interprovincial Certification if successful.

Block Training

2nd, 3rd and 4th level training

Block level training is offered on a continuous basis and is offered to those individuals who have completed the 9 month pre-employment program, also those who are participating in the direct entry route to trade certification.

The cost of this training is covered off by the Provincial Government through the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour. All costs associated are covered through this funding.

The student is exposed to various aspects of the Ironworking trade including architectural and ornamental, cranes, precast, post-tensioning as well as machinery rigging and moving and installation as well as conveyor systems and pre-engineered building systems to name a few.

Why become an Ironworker Apprentice?

  • Enjoy teamwork

  • Enjoy working outdoors

  • Willing to face challenges

  • Opportunity to earn while you learn

  • Fulfillment out of accomplishing a great days work

  • Great pay and incentives

  • These are only a few reasons why you would become an Ironworker Apprentice….

What does an Ironworker Apprentice do?

  • Erects structural steel buildings, bridges and other structures

  • Installation of reinforcing and port-tensioning systems

  • Rigging of structural components and machinery

  • Dismantling of structural systems in buildings, bridges and other structures

  • Use of rigging systems including cranes

  • Use of welding and cutting equipment in the fabrication and installation of structural components and their maintenance.

What are the requirements to become an Ironworker Apprentice Student?

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Have a good mechanical aptitude
  • Commitment to teamwork and have a good work ethic
  • Be in good physical shape and agile
  • Be willing to work hard and be committed to the team